Back Slung Swords


Iron Age Cemeteries in East Yorkshire. Dr Ian Stead, British Museum Press 1991 (way out of print)
Iron Age Communities in Britain. Barry Cunliffe, Routledge, 1991
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There is some evidence that britons would carry their swords across their backs. This comes from the position of the weapon within the grave and from some comtemporary art which may also show a strap across the middle. The problem is that many swords within the grave have had their attachment method (probably leather) destroyed. Here is a simple solution to the problem that utilises simple organic fittings.

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The basic belt fittings and toggle method are the same as used on the simple british beltand all that we have done is to lengthen the belt and attach one end to the throat of the scabbard. The belt then loops over the shoulder, loops around the base of the scabbard twice and then runs around the body to attach with a toggle to itself just below the chest.

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The sword is very hard to remove quickly an
d even harder to replace but is very comfortable and useful for just carrying your weapon. We've onle used this on shortswords so far, but it should work equally well on longer blades