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Chris Wyre

New Members

Caroline Nicolay 

If you wish to attend our next event and are not a member then contact Caroline who will help make the arrangements for you.
However, your first event is always free so you shouldn't worry about paying.

Everyone is required to join the society to take part in it's events; your fee going towards our ever increasing insurance premium. 
The group has a single national membership with no autonomous or semi- autonomous groupings by region or by period culture or identity. However, membership is just fifteen pounds for a year and we give discounts for families.

Current membership rates are

Full adult per annum (18+) 
(No children under 16 allowed unless parent or guardian actively present - hence those under 18 can be included within a family membership)


Temporary membership (covers a single continuous event)


Family membership - two adults and children
(A family includes all members of a single related family group, which may include 'children' over 16, that generally resides together)


Single Parent Family membership 
(A family includes all members of a single related family group, which may include 'children' over 16, that generally resides together)


Dogs and other animals (must be insured and injected)


You can download the current membership forms here:

Family membership form
Adult/temporary membership form

These must be filled out and handed to our membership officer, usually at your second event.

There is always the option of temporary membership (if you really do not want to join full time). 
Non-members, however, do not receive any event payment, as members do, and cannot access the forum.

Read some more information on starting out in re-enactment here

Children and Membership
We are receiving an increasing number of enquiries regarding whether children can join,  either without their parents being present or with their parents present but just "watching" or "dressed up" for the day.
As most of our membership is families then we do have a fair number of children in the Society, who do take a full part in our activities. However, this is because their parents are full and active members and are taking part.

You must be over 18 to join the Vicus, unless you are part of a family that are also full and active members

As a Society we have neither the qualifications, training, necessary legal permissions, equipment or people to be able to entertain children. If you are looking for supervised, outdoor activities for your children to take part in then we would direct you to the excellent Scouting movement.