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Booking us for Events

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 of what we offer, please click here.

We are professional in our approach and provide full public liability insurance to £5 million, full risk assessments as well as publicity material (should it be required). We are often booked over a year in advance, so bear this in mind when planning your event. There is an associated fee attached to all events, but it may not as much as you think!

Typically, we find it hard to do one day events but it is sometimes possible based on location and requirements.

We can specialise, to some extent, and produce a more Iron Age or Roman feel at events.

We reserve the right to refuse any event we are offered.

As it's possible that we might not be able to perform at your event, then we often get asked for other recommendations. So here they are (please tell them that the Vicus sent you):

  1. Legio VIII Augusta

  2. Deva Victrix / Chester Roman Tours

  3. Colchester Roman Society

  4. Roman Military Society of Ireland

  5. RMRS

Booking us for Film Work

We are happy to take part in film-work, for documentaries or drama as Romans or Iron Age Britons. We are able to supply fully equipped extras, craft demonstrations, fight choreography as well as consultation. 
We are unusual, for a Roman re-enactment group, in that all our members carry blunted metal weapons and are able to use them correctly and efficiently (on each other usually !). This comfortable familiarity with the actual use of weapons conveys itself very effectively and differentiates a practised warrior or soldier from someone who is simply dressed for the part. 
We do not perform film-work for free, so please do not ask, and the usual fee is between £80 and £150 per person per day, plus expenses, food and overnight accommodation ( If the shoot spans multiple days or you require an early start or late finish).

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