First Event - or what to bring and expect.
by Madoc

1. Know where you are going
The group publishes the dates of forthcoming events on the events page but all the details are in what we call "warning orders". These are kept in a folder on the private forum that can only be accessed by members. 
If you are a member then simply go to the forum page and click the "join this forum" button. If you are a member without web access, then we hopefully have your details and we send regular mailings out.

Warning Orders contain all you need to know about the event, including maps. if you need more information then use the contact information on the orders themselves. This might vary depending on the event.

2. Bring yourself 
Unless you know someone who will give you lift, then transport is your problem. Sorry, we don't have a minibus or coach service. There may be people in your area who are willing to provide a lift (and share the cost).
You also know your own special needs in terms of medication, diet and suchlike. If there is something that we ought to know then tell us beforehand.

3. Sleeping
The group invariably camps at public events and at some private events in the summer, but books halls for private events in the winter. If we are camping then you will need a tent (or a car or campervan) to sleep in. Some of us have authentic tents and some use modern gizmos - there are usually two separate sites.
You will also need bedding that is suitable for the season.

4. Eating
Unless the warning orders state otherwise, then you have to assume that you need to feed yourself. Whether from the local takeaways, eating pringles for two days or cooking yourself.

5. Kit
Bring all your period kit that you think you will need and think about what you will wear if you get soaked on the first day.

6. Public events - authenticity 
At public events then we have to be site authentic for a certain period during the day. This means no bags, glasses, trainers, tinnies or other 21st century stuff about. That includes ice-creams.

7. The evening
Extreme sawing and other top activities take place of an evening. In addition to a bit of messing about with the weapons. Some might go to the pub and some not.

8. Children
Children are the ultimate responsibility of their parents or guardian and not the rest of us, although we do tend to look out for our own groups kids. 
Children may fight at a public event at the age of 16, with their parents written consent and with their parent or guardian present. At the age of 18, children are then treated as adults. 
Children under the age of 16 may not take part in a public event, unless specifically part of a 'cameo" with their parents present. They may take part at private training events however.