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We are also able to perform a gladiatorial event.

Like all of our activities, we have tried to be as accurate as possible 

with the equipment, spectacle and actual combat. There are plenty of primary evidence for gladiator equipment with some excellent research by the likes of Junkelmann.

We don't just perform the same arena display twice a day. We are able to provide different Gladiatorial  based displays, in addition to the Gladiators themselves.  We can provide children's gladiator school,  medical displays,  food, factual talks as well as the entertaining execution of criminals and undesirables.

The match of the secutor and the Retiarius is the most exciting one.

We also have some of the equites class (alas without the horses), one of the lesser known types.

Here we see the classic pairing of the murmillo and the Threax.

A hoplomachus uses a small round shield, together with a spear. Note the padding running up the legs and the high greaves.



We have the additional "characters" involved in any Gladiatorial games, like Charon.







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