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As re-enactors, with specialised needs, then many of us need to buy a varied selection of items from many sources. 

Re-enactment has had a tradition of basing this buyer to seller relationship very much on trust, with cash changing hands often without receipts. 

While groups and individuals can recommend suppliers, based on previous experience, often you may have to deal with someone without the benefit of knowing anyone who has already dealt with them (for better or worse). It's often difficult to slate poor suppliers, except by word of mouth, which can make it difficult for the reputation of good and bad suppliers to be truly known beforehand. We've had members supplied rubbish kit by people that should know better or even worse, have paid for kit and then waited years and never received it (you know who you are !)

Many groups, like us, make it's preferred supplier list known to others and simply omit those we don't recommend.

Our list of suppliers
These are people that our group recommends as reliable people who won't diddle you.
Steve Wagstaff
Steve now trades full time and does lots of things like wax tablets, medical instruments, cleaning kits, jewellery and other such things. He is the group preferred supplier for roman belts. His partner, Fiona, makes shoes including caligae and civilian wear.
Phone contact only 07710 335673.

Paul Atkin - Woodturner
Paul is very experienced pole lather and produces fantastic cups and bowls in all manner of period hardwoods. Recommended

David Shackleton - Tablet Weaving
Tablet weaving is a popular re-enactment activity and there are lots of people that do it, however Dave makes them all look like amateurs. Quite simply his work is UNBELIEVABLE. Recommended

Len Morgan
Len makes alot of useful things like folding knives, belt plates, mail closure parts, complete hilt assembles in kit form as well as complete sets of Roman equipment.

Paul Binns Swords
If you want to commission a one off Iron age sword that will last you a lifetime then we recommend Paul Binns.

Raymonds Quiet Press
We have also had jewellery from Ray over in the United States and recommend it. 

Sally Pointer
Sally does lots of odd things but of direct interest to us are the number of bone and horn items that she sells and jewellery

My mate Adrian's (or Peronis, if you like) foray into the commercial world. If you didn't know, then he's been incredibly proactive in helping the main Indian supplier (and others) of Roman gear to get it right. He virtually lives on Roman Army Talk
At least with Adrian, you ought to know that you are getting something accurate. That is something which cannot be said for the vast number of importers of cheap Indian/chinese replicas into this country.

Robin Brown of Legio VIII makes a fantastic pair of Vindolanda fell boots and also caligae. I have a pair of his fell boots and they are highly recommended !!


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